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Stefan Danner and Gilson Araujo Santos met in Portugal in 1980.

From this acquaintance a close friendship developed and later a business cooperation, which still exists today.

Stefan Danner, who comes from Freiburg im Breisgau, always spent his summer holidays in Portugal, which enabled him to make many contacts there over the years.

Gilson Araujo Santos comes from Brazil, his family is active in the construction industry in Brazil, so he has always been fascinated by real estate.

Since 1970, Mr. Santos has been living in Portugal and has been able to gather many contacts in the real estate sector there.

DaSantos Immobilien lives true to the motto "Traditional like the British, just like the Swiss".

According to a quote by Stefan Danner: "Our goal is to provide our customers with their dream property". We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and are available to you as a contact partner at any time.

We have an extensive network of properties in all regions of Portugal.

After 30 successful years and a short break, the two sons Moritz Danner and Luiz Felipe Santos have resumed the business of their parents.

Both have been trained in the business over the years and continue to run it with full dedication.

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Stefan Danner


Gilson Araujo Santos


Moritz Danner

Managing Director

Luiz Felipe Santos

Managing Director

37 years of experience

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We are part of an excellent and far-reaching network of lawyers, notaries, banking specialists and important representatives from business and culture.

We are excellently positioned to initiate the purchase of your property in Portugal. Discretion, seriousness and reliability have always been the hallmarks of our work.

We are at your disposal at any time.

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